Mission Statement

To create engaging broadcast quality films with structure and narrative for conscientious clients in the public, private and charitable sectors.

Jason Lock Productions are an ethical production company based in Manchester and work regionally, nationally and internationally.

As a production company we care deeply about the Environment, Education, Art/Culture, Ethical Business and Social Issues and work closely with clients whose work encompasses those topics. Our number one priority is to produce cost effective, broadcast quality films in the editorial/photojournalist/ documentary tradition. This allows us to engage with communities, employees and stakeholders and clearly and concisely deliver the clients message to its intended audience in an entertaining, story driven manner.

The need for story is more important than ever if a client’s film is going to hold an audience’s attention in a world (both the real world and the web based one) that is awash with moving content. With every screen, clip, page and link vying for an audiences undivided attention. Low quality production standards are no longer acceptable just because a film or clip is not going to appear on mainstream television.

Jason Lock Productions understand the need to produce broadcast quality content from script to screen, to keep an audience glued to the screen, that is a film that wouldn’t look out of place on the BBC or Channel 4. Thanks to a variety of factors including the use of a tight knit crew of experienced TV professionals and the ever falling cost of broadcast filming/editing equipment and distribution/exhibition, we can creative TV quality films can in a  cost effective manner. Whilst we want a client to utilise our extensive TV, Film and Advertising production experience we believe in being client led through constant communication and meetings. This way the client’s ideas and needs are successfully achieved.

Some of our clients who continue to enjoy this working philosophy include The National TrustBig Issue North, Museum of Science and Industry Manchester, Creative Industries Trafford, and The Canal and Rivers Trust.

Jason Lock Productions are also here to help our clients to maximise the potential of their films by advising them on how to best exhibit and raise audience awareness. This could be something as simple as using keywords to ‘tag’ films on YouTube, providing shorter or alternative versions of the main film as bonus content to increase interest or by helping to devise a campaign across websites, social media and other more traditional methods such as screens at exhibitions or in-situ (especially useful if you are a gallery, museum or have screens and monitors already on site).

We are here to help you the client to achieve results and promote the issues that are of core of your business, important issues we both care about. You can find a list of questions on the Client Tip page, which will help you take the first steps in putting together your promotional film and of course don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or the Contacts Page.